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About Me

                         My favorite type of play is impact play. I love the                                 sound of leather or rubber smacking against the

                         skin, it makes me giddy. 


                        When not in the kink scene I’m just a nerdy pervert. I                          love anime, and Disney. I want to mix the two up into                          my kink play scenes one day! If that’s something                                  you’d be interested in planning with me, check out

                       my contact page. Be sure to read through the limits and rules first.


Dungeons and Dragons is a huge inspiration for role playing when it comes to play. I love diving into the mindset of a vicious

drow captain, who can’t help but tease and toy with her

captured playmate. I also love the idea of building on

going sessions, and would love to write erotic novels

based on my session experiences. 


I love animals! Donating to an animal shelter is the best way to get my attention (aside from buying me gifts, of course) if you’re looking to become one of my play partners.

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